Our Story

We are a church body that is dedicated to spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Located against the Smoky Mountains in Sevierville, Tennessee, we are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to dwell in the beauty of God’s creation. We would love to worship with you and we extend this invitation to you to join us. Our address is 1406 Walt Price Road. Sevierville, TN 37876.

Our prayer is that you have been Saved by the grace of God. But you can’t do that until you accept the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that is accomplished in your life and that you have become a new creature in Christ. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

Oct. 1933-Present

Oct. 8, 1933

The council to organize the church was begun by E.E. Adams moderator and J.E. Price as clerk. The council proceeded to business by enrolling all deacons, ministers, and reading letters, which was done and adopted. The council named the church Mountain View Baptist.

Oct. 8, 1933 Rev. E.E. Adams

Pastor for one year

April 13, 1935

By motion and second of the church to give moderator Rev. E.E. Adams the right to pick a committee to select land on which to build a new church house.

July 10, 1938

Members of the church decide that the fifth Sunday was set apart to dedicate the church. A committee to get a program and have it published in the county paper was formed. 

Oct. 25, 1942

The church moved to sign a petition to President Roosevelt to prohibit alcoholic beverages within camps and within a radius of 100 miles of any camp or plant engaged in war work. 

May 2, 1954

 The church votes to adopt the missionary program. The church agrees to take $5.00 from the treasury and give to the missionary program each month. 

April 22, 1973

A motion, second, and vote were made by the church to have a homecoming each year.

Oct. 19, 1975

 The members of the church agree to buy a bus to be used for the youth.

Nov. 18, 1984

The church voted for the youth to have a float representing Mountain View Baptist in the Christmas parade in Sevierville.